Red Beauties

flat of strawberries







Here in the pacific northwest, nothing declares the arrival of summer better than fresh strawberries.

Recently, one of my local grocery stores had a great deal on a flat of strawberries so I went for it. I knew we wouldn’t eat them all at once so I froze them using this simple method.

Wash them, pull off the green tops (or not because they’re edible), place them on a cookie sheet like so…

strawberries on cookie sheet… and freeze them overnight.

Store them in freezer bags so they’re ready whenever you are for a sweet treat.

I like to label mine with the weight and the date.



Have you seen those strawberry & banana “ice cream” recipes floating around Pinterest lately? Have frozen strawberries on hand lets you make that dairy-free “ice cream” any time you’re in the mood. I highly recommend it.

Tell me, what would you do with a flat of strawberries?

frozen bagges strawberries with website



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