Making Friends with Vegetables








What is this yummy looking dish, you ask? It looks like it’s wallowing in cheese and sauce, but it isn’t.

I came across the recipe last summer.
Here’s the link:









However, I didn’t make it last summer because of the crazy hot weather we had. This bakes for 40 minutes in a 400 degree oven! I saved the recipe because I’m attempting to add more veggies to our daily meals. I finally made it this winter and it turned out fantastic. My husband was extremely skeptical at first, but after a few bites he decided it was worth seconds.









It reheats well so we got more than one meal out of it ~ love that!
Serve it with anything you like. I served it with Trader Joe’s pre-sliced sirloin steak and that also made it a big hit with my husband.

He asked me to make it again. Winner winner chicken dinner!

How do you get more vegetables in your daily meals?


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